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Scanning Barcode Using TM Built-in Camera Easily

Step #1: Open a new vision job. Select Task Designer –> AOI-only  

Step #2: Move the robot to the initial position.

Step#3: Place a barcode in the FOV and click the red box.

Step #4: Choose Barcode/QR code

Step #5: Click Set Barcode Range

Step #6: Crop the search region and click Next.

Step #7: Set if any bias position is required.

Step #8: Click    to save vision job and click Save.

Step #9: Click OK and check the return variables as shown in the window.

Step #10: Use a display node to display the set node result (the output of the vision job).

Step #11: Click OK.

Step #12: Play the project by pressing the Play/Pause Button on the robot stick. The result is shown successfully.

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