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Is the Camera Not Parallel to the Working Platform after Landmark Horizontal Calibration?

TMflow Software version: All versions.

TM Robot Hardware version: All versions.

Note that older or newer software versions may have different results.


When designing and manufacturing the robot, it pays extra attention to the absolute accuracy and the repetitive precision at positions and distances and the application on the vision. Therefore, it is not optimized for the discrepancy of a single rotation angle (horizontal).  Because the robot, the lighting, the workpiece, the table, the material platform in the environment all come with discrepancies, optimization does not act as the design to consider at first. Instead, accuracy and precision serve as the design to focus.

Accordingly, in addition to several rigorous procedures for verification and testing, it uses a unique vision camera system to correct the errors in assembly, parts, and dimensions to improve the position and distance accuracy and precision without the rotation angle test before the delivery. Techman has invested a great deal of enthusiasm in the development and research on position accuracy and the application of the vision system to overcome the challenges from the environment and provide users with a more convenient operating experience and better solutions.

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