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Create Your First Vision Job with TM Landmark

Step #1: Create a new project.

Step #2: Drag a vision node from the left panel.

Step #3: Click the edit icon and click plus (+) on the upper right corner of the pop-up window.

Step #4: Input a vision job name and click OK.

Step #5: After entering the vision job edit page, click Task Designer

Step #6: Choose Fixed Point as shown in the figure below.

Step #7: Choose calibrated workspace. (calibration tutorial can be found here.)

Step #8: Hold the plus button on the robot stick to move the robot to the initial position.

Step #7: Place a TM Landmark on the workspace and make sure the landmark is detectable. Click the icon as shown below.


Step #8: Select Pattern Matching (Shape)

Step #9: Click Select Pattern

Step #10: Crop the pattern from the image and click Next

Step #11: Edit the pattern if the edge detection is not good enough.

Step #12: Click the return icon and click Yes to update the pattern.

Step #13: Select a range of finding the pattern and click Next.

Users may adjust the number of pyramid layers, minimum score, and maximum number of objects.

Step#14: Add an Anchor.

Step #15: The anchor is located at the center of the detected pattern (ie, the landmark).

Step #16: Click the Save icon and click Save.

Step #17: Click Yes

Step #18: Click Yes and quit vision jog edit page.

Step #19: Click OK and the vision job is created successfully.

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