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Drag, Drop, Develop: Build Applications Easily

TMflow is an intuitive software revolutionizing how you interact with cobots. Its graphical interface, powered by a series of function nodes, transforms the complexity of creating robot tasks into a seamless experience. With its user-friendly design, it is easy to master flow-based programming without any robotic experience.

Versatile Operation Modes for Every Scenario

TMflow redefines flexibility in robotic control,
offering diverse operation modes to suit any situation.

Local Operation

Directly manage your robot with TMflow running on the robot controller. This hands-on approach allows for immediate and responsive control, perfect for on-site tasks

Remote Operation​

Experience the convenience of controlling your robot from a distance. With TMflow on your computer, remote operation is just a click away.

Offline Operation

Simulate and control a virtual robot using TMflow on your computer. This allows for planning without the need for physical interaction, great for designing complex tasks or training purposes.

Ready-to-Use Functions for Any Application

Vision Control

Utilize TMflow’s AI Vision Nodes to build applications like inspection tasks. 

Force Control​

Utilize Force-Related Nodes for applications requiring delicate touch, such as deburring.

Featuring more…

Developer-Friendly Features for Innovative Minds


Advanced Scripting Capabilities: The new Script Node and Script Project opens up a world of possibilities for developers. These features allow for more flexible and detailed programming for complex application needs.


Custom Kit Development: By using TMcraft, developers now have the freedom to craft their own kits using C# and WPF development. Most beneficial for developing integrations with third-party devices and machines, ensuring a tailor-made solution that fits perfectly within the TMflow ecosystem.


ROS Integration Support: This is a game-changer for developers looking to create ROS-based applications with TM AI Cobot by motion control and data acquisition.

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