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Performing Visual Servoing on TM Robot

Create Visual Servoing Task #

Step #1: Click Task Designer and select Visual Servoing.

Step #2: Select Pattern Matching (Shape)


Step #3: Click Select Pattern , crop the pattern and click Next

Step #4: Double-Click Visual Servo block and move the robot to the initial position.

Step #5: Click Set Servoing Target .

Step #6: Choose Locate Target at Image Center and click Set.

Step #7: Click OK.

Step #8: Click Start Servoing.

Step #9: Press and hold the plus button on the robot stick and start testing visual servoing.

Step #10: Click OK and click save

Run the project #

Step #11: Play the project by pressing the Play/Pause button on the robot stick.

The visual servoing vision job is successfully executed. The robot has moved to the center’s of the pattern.

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