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Mobile Series

The combination of cobot arms and AGV/AMR has received increasing attention from factories and enterprises. This automation solution provides multi-function capability, flexibility, and high mobility. With AI Cobot, an extra value of embedded AI technology and vision is added to the robotic arm. It can significantly reduce the calibration time needed after each movement and improve the overall utilization rate in the factory.

Main Features


Highly Flexible And Compatible

By utilising our TM Landmark function, the mobile robot can orientate itself within a 3D space to multiple machine. This allows the cobot to operate between two or more locations seamlessly. This solution is optimal for mobile stacking and machine tending applications.


Speed Up Your Task Editing Process

Point teaching and task editing can be a lot of work for cobots that constantly move in the factory. Our cobot’s graphical Interface doesn’t require coding, and will drastically shorten the programming time needed.


High Safety Working Environment

Besides setting up the working area for TM Robot, users can further set up LiDAR or sensors within the factory and set up low-speed areas and deactivate areas for the robot.

Make your business more competitive

With a class-leading vision system, advanced AI technology, comprehensive safety, and easy operation, TM AI Cobot will take your business further than ever. Take automation to the next level by boosting productivity, improving quality, and reducing costs.