Hi! We’re Techman Robot.

We are a leading collaborative robot and vision technologies company, dedicated to improving the world of work for businesses and their people through (robotic) technology applications.

We truly believe the right (robotic) technology applications can make a world of difference to performance, efficiency and productivity, even creating a lasting positive impact on whole industries. We think that every business should have access to beneficial technology to advance their position.

Therefore, we are determined to use our technological knowledge and skills to create all things smart and simple, to break boundaries, solve challenges, and meet industries’ needs.

At Techman Robot, we close the gap for every business.



Techman Robot has achieved outstanding results after four years of entering the market with the support from our parent company Quant Storage Inc., and also Quanta Group’s mass global resources. Quanta Group is founded in 1988, it is the world’s largest notebook manufacturer. In recent years, they have become a part of Apple’s supply chain that is exclusively involved in the production and assembly of Apple Watch and MacBook. No matter the automation challenge, Techman Robot is determined to make a difference for businesses and their people.

Our Vision

We aspire to become an innovative company that brings humans and technologies closer together to advance quality of works and helps businesses succeed.

Our Mission

We are determined to improve the world of work for business owners and employees everywhere, by introducing increasingly intelligent robots into the workforce.

Core Values

We believe that delivering industry-leading quality, transformative innovation, and streamlined service can drive genuine and lasting change to the workplace.

Qulity We strive for excellence as we endeavor to constantly improve ourselves, our products and solutions.
Innovation We develop innovative products and solutions that deliver real solution for businesses and people’s lives.
Service We stand side-by-side with our partners and clients to help them achieve their goals.