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In May of 2018, Techman Robot formed a strategic alliance with OMRON, a world leader in industrial automation, to further the distribution and exposure of our TM series collaborative robots to the global markets. In hopes that our partnership will open new innovative doors into the future of industry 4.0.

Techman Robot and OMRON started early discussions in July 2017 and came to an agreement to bring together each company’s strengths. Under the new alliance, Omron will market and sell TM’s collaborative robots through its worldwide distribution network under a co-branded logo.

Techman Robot will as well fully support OMRON and its customers, especially on technical perspectives & trouble-shooting. The partnership will not only limit current business collaboration but also future technical development. In the coming years, OMRON & Techman will together deliver a highly flexible and scalable collaborative robot solution, assisting customers to easily and fully integrate collaborative robotics into the whole production line.

"The alliance with OMRON will help achieve our company’s mission of improving the lives of humans through innovation,"
Haw Chen, CEO of Techman Robot, Inc. 

OMRON and Techman Robot believed, together under such an alliance, we can deliver a much better, more integrated and most up-to-date solution to all the customers in the world, accelerating the speed of automation implementation.