We envision a world where humans and robots work in harmony to achieve excellence.
Robotics has so much to offer to human workforces; it’s just a matter of harnessing their potential to augment manual efforts.
We are makers of collaborative robots that have proven useful in a broad range of industries, from education to food to electronics manufacturing.

Our robotic solutions will help workers work better and faster, as well as stay safe while doing it.
With features like a built-in vision system, simple programming, and an automatic halt mechanism that activates upon collision with another object,
our TM Robot can elevate your workplace from a traditional production site to a smart factory.

Whatever you’re looking for from collaborative robot manufacturers,
we have a solution for it.

Browse all solutions below.

Your Ideal Cobot

Advance to Industry 4.0 technologies that promote efficiency, safety, and harmony in your operations.
Techman Robot provides cobots that fit a broad range of industries. We develop innovative solutions of collaborative robots and smart automation.

Automation solutions streamline your processes and allow you to be operations-focused wherever necessary.
Collaborative robots can also make automation more cost-effective and flexible to accommodate your needs. More importantly,
cobots make for simpler, safer, and smarter business operations.


Intelligent Vision System


Intuitive Teaching


Human-friendly Robotics

TM Robot Series — Your Collaborative Robot Family 

Improve the overall performance of your manufacturing and assembly lines with the TM Robot Series, a family of collaborative robotic arms with built-in robot vision systems. Our cobots can support payloads ranging from regular to heavy loads. Smart, Simple, Safe TM — the TM Robot Series helps establish a harmonious work environment where humans and machines collaborate and excel.


What sets our Cobots apart from the industry-standard robot arms is our “Robot Vision.”  Our Collaborative Robots have the ability to sense their environment and people they operate with.  The hardware combined with the application makes this smart factory setup possible.

By giving cobots ‘eyes’ to see, it creates a world of difference on how they can perform. Look no further for a cobot manufacturer.

Meet Our Robots Around the World

We are a collaborative robot brand known across the world thanks to our product quality, flexibility of use, and innovative solutions. Big or small, industrial or commercial, companies that use our robotics technology can gain a competitive advantage in their field.

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