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We envision a world where humans and robots work in harmony to achieve excellence.
Our collaborative robots (cobots) can perform a wide range of intelligent, automated tasks
with applications in many industries – from education, to food, to electronics manufacturing.

Cobot-Enhanced Quality and Productivity

Cobots can handle many tasks such as machine tending, assembly, packaging, welding, painting, buffing,
or palletizing with precision, enhancing quality and productivity in modern industrial settings.

Cobots perform these tasks alongside humans, helping them work better and faster in safe, shared spaces.
With innovative features like built-in vision systems, simple programming, and automatic halt mechanisms that activate upon collision with another object,
our cobot applications can help increase your productivity and become more competitive with smart factory setups.

Whatever you’re looking for from collaborative robot manufacturers, we have a solution for it.

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Your Ideal Cobot

Advance to Industry 4.0 technologies with a cobots company that promotes efficiency, safety, and harmony in your operations.
Techman Robot provide cobots that fit a broad range of industries. We develop innovative solutions through collaborative robots and smart automation.

Automation solutions empowered by collaborative robots streamline your processes and allow you to be operations-focused wherever necessary.
Collaborative robots can also make automation more cost-effective and flexible to accommodate your needs. More importantly,
cobots make for simpler, safer, and smarter business operations.


Intelligent Vision System


Intuitive Teaching


Human-friendly Robotics

Your Collaborative Robot Family 

Improve the overall performance of your manufacturing and assembly lines with collaborative robots like the TM Robot Series,
a family of collaborative robotic arms with built-in robot vision systems.
Our cobots can support payloads ranging from regular to heavy loads.
Smart, Simple, Safe TM — the TM Robot Series helps establish a harmonious work environment
where humans and machines collaborate and excel.


What sets our cobots apart from the industry-standard robot arms is our “Robot Vision.”
Our collaborative robots have the ability to sense their environment and people they operate with.
The hardware combined with the application makes this smart factory setup possible.

By giving cobots ‘eyes’ to see, it creates a world of difference in how they can perform. Look no further for a cobot manufacturer.

TM Robot Series 


Techman Robot places great importance on design and innovation. We created the TM Robot series with robust and flexible construction in mind, giving users room to choose from different collaborative robots with cobot arm extensions and payloads according to their needs. Our collaborative robot applications improve our customers’ business. By combining industry and art, we aim to be a pioneer of robotic arms in the automation industry.