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Successful Stories

For many years, Techman Robot has been ensuring our customers ’ success with efficient automation solutions.
There are thousands of TM AI Cobots around the world at work every day. Below you’ll find various business cases where our collaborative robots help companies succeed.

Tung Pei Cover

Tung Pei Industrial Co.

For factories, better productivity and quality are important factors which managers are always in pursuit of. However, while these managers are aiming for a higher

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Chumpower cover

Chumpower Machinery Corp.

Nowadays, while technologies are making our life “smarter”, enterprises and factories are also trying to leverage human powers smarter, by assigning them to perform higher-value

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Crown Coffee cover

Crown Coffee

When we talk about robot arms, restaurants are generally not the 1st place we consider a robot arm would show up. However, with the capability

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