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TM Image Manager

Build Quality Traceability for Your Product

After an enterprise sells their product to customers, they will often need to deal with customers’ feedback or complaints.
Therefore, a comprehensive quality tracking system is essential for businesses to establish.

TM Image Manager is a software tool that is highly compatible with TM Robot’s vision function.
It can help you effectively manage the quality inspection records of each product. The inspector can monitor the inspection progress in real-time,
and the results will automatically be recorded as image data. These data can be reviewed anytime in order to increase inspection accuracy.
Furthermore, a quality resume can also be built for each product and the potential costs needed for after-sales service activities can be reduced.

Main Features

How TM Image Manager Works?

Control Panel

  • Start/Pause/Stop project
  • Visualization of the flow of vision tasks
  • Automatically generate logs

View & Double Check

  • Views of ground-truth and current image 
  • Manually modify AOI results 
  • Annotation

AOI Result/Image Retrieval

  • Results can be applied with different data filters. Including product type, vision type, AOI results, Time Stamp and etc.