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Ensuring Excellence: Traceable Quality for Your Product Real-time monitoring, trace inspection images and results

Real-time monitoring, trace inspection images and results

TM Image Manager

TM Image Manager is an inspection application software designed for the vision functionality of TM AI Cobot. It effectively manages and tracks quality inspection results. The software monitors inspection progress in real-time, and records and archives inspection results and images to reduce the likelihood of misjudgments. With TM Image Manager, you can establish a detailed history of quality inspections, saving costs for after-service.

Product Features

Rapid Deployment: It can be deployed within 1 week after the hardware is installed

AOI Result/Image Retrieval: Historical data can be queried with different filters

Manual Review Function: Show ground-truth and current image for manual double confirmation

Data Management: Images and AOI results can be stored in a database and retrieved easily.

How TM Image Manager Works?

Image Storage and Retrieval

  • Inspection images can be saved
  • Images can be retrieved and exported through different filter conditions

Real-time Monitoring

  • Monitor the inspection progress and status of each workstation
  • Can customize the layout of the inspection area

Online Inspection

  • AOI results can be manually reviewed and corrected online
  • Can simultaneously see both the image of the standard product and the product images that were detected with defects


Software requirements

TMflow Software version

Ver. 2.14 or above

Hardware requirements

Operating system

Ubuntu 20.04


Intel i7 or above


16GB or above

Storage SSD

2TB or above

Communication interface


Language support



Support up to 10 TM AI Cobots and AI+ AOI Edges for continuous simultaneous transmission of images. (1)
(1) When more than 10 connections are established, all simultaneously transmitting images, the users need to evaluate the potential issues caused by system overload.
(2) Image Manager is not allowed to be installed on the virtual environment of personal computer, like VirtualBox.

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