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Notice on Not Booting Up the Robot and the Control Box for a Long Time

TMflow Software version: All versions.

TM Robot Hardware version: All versions.


For the control box: #

Once the control box is turned off and not in use, the button battery on the IPC can last for up to three years. A dead battery on the IPC may cause the control box to fail to turn on as usual and reset the BIOS setting and time.

Note: If the button battery on the IPC loses power, contact authorized dealers.

For the robot: #

Once the robot is turned off and unused for more than one month, the lubricating oil in the robot will settle toward the ground. To keep the robot from damage by insufficient lubrication at this time, please run at a slow speed when initiating, and user may obtain the method of slow speed startup from Techman. To avoid this situation, Techman recommends turning the control box or the robot on regularly if unused.

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