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The occasion and method of using Safe Start Up Mode

TMflow Software version: All versions.

TM Robot Hardware version: HW1.0, HW2.0, HW3.0, HW3.1, HW3.2


Occasion to use Safe Start Up Mode: #

1.Joint stuck due to limit of rotation

2.Unboxing or starting up from package pose

3.Robot stuck due to external object or suffering collision

How to use Safe Start Up Mode: #

1.Press the emergency switch of the robot stick before start up.

2.Release the emergency switch when the light on robot stick starts blinking.

3.The LED of IO module flashes in light blue means it is in safe start up mode.

Exit Safe Start Up Mode: #

Press and hold the stop button on the robot stick for about three seconds, the LED  of the IO module will return to blue light, indicating that the robot has entered the Auto Mode successfully and it can be used normally.

Warning: Do not press the emergency switch again before entering safe start up node, it may result in unexpected error(0x3C, 0x4B). For more details, please refer to chapter 2 Start up and Activation in Software Manual TMflow.

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