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Tips for Polishing and Grinding or Working with a Cylinder

This article is applicable under the following conditions:

TMflow software version: all versions are applicable.

TM Robot hardware version: all versions are applicable.


Vibrations are produced on a TM Robot when it does polishing and grinding or works with a cylinder-type gripper. Long-term exposure to intermittent vibrations may damage the components of the robot’s joints.

Where your TM Robot needs to work with a cylinder-type gripper, make sure the gripper comes with an absorber or damper. This can reduce the likelihood of the robot being damaged by vibrations.

During polishing and grinding, manipulate your TM Robot to pick up the workpiece. This can reduce the damage of massive vibrations to the robot’s internal components. Please note that the dust, metal scraps, and oil produced during polishing and grinding may contaminate or corrode the robot’s components. Make sure the robot is protected properly or outfitted in protective clothing.

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