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TM 3DVision

A Plug-to-Use 3D Vision Solution

When machine vision encounters objects that are stacked randomly or placed at different heights or depths in a certain space,
the accuracy will be reduced since general machine vision functions are not capable of fetching 3-dimensional coordinates.

TM 3Dvision is a software solution designed to solve this issue, we offer a plug-to-use 3D camera along with 3D machine vision software
that will help you enhance the capability of your cobot and improve accuracy.

TM 3DVision is integrated with TM Robot and a single software & controller.

Traditional Solution

Requires more time and labor costs to integrate robot arm,
3D camera, and software from different brands

All-In-one Solution

Significantly reduces integration costs and efforts, maintenance and accountability issues

Main Features

  • The function is integrated with TMflow, no additional software to install or learn
  • Allows you to use robot arm and 3D camera to scan objects and generate a CAD file
  • Support 3 object positioning modes: Geometry, Pre-defined CAD, and Point Pose
  • Can be used with the collision check function and prevent any potential collision risks.
    This is highly recommended for the Random Bin Picking application

3 Object Positioning Methods for Your Needs


Use geometric shapes to identify the object

Pre-Defined CAD

Use a pre-defined CAD model to identify the object

Point Pose

Use point poise as a reference to identify objects with irregular shapes

We provide 2 types of external 3D cameras.
You can easily connect them with your TM Robot,
then plugin the TM 3DVision dongle, and you are all set to go!

Cobot 3D Vision Tasks in Action