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Notice on Not Booting Up the Robot and the Control Box for a Long Time

TMflow Software version: All versions.

TM Robot Hardware version: All versions.


For the control box: #

Once the control box is turned off and not in use, the button battery on the IPC can last for up to three years. A dead battery on the IPC may cause the control box to fail to turn on as usual and reset the BIOS setting and time.

Note: If the button battery on the IPC loses power, contact authorized dealers.

For the robot: #

When the robot has been unused or stored for more than 6 months, it is necessary to follow the instructions below for activation. Properly rotating the joint components at a slow speed before starting the project helps increases the joint gearbox temperature, softens the lubricating oil, and promotes even circulation.

  1. Based on the on-site conditions, set up and run a project that allows all joint rotate at their maximum angles.
  2. Start the project, run at 10% speed for 10 minutes, then run at 30% speed for 1 hour, then run at 60% speed for 1 hour.


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