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Using TMflow Controller

In TMflow, the controller can control the robot’s motion (both cartesian space and joint space), control box I/O, free button setting.

  1. Joint Space Control: Users can jog the robot’s 6 joints by using ‘Direct Move’ or ‘Incremental Jog’
    • Direct Move will directly move to the target degree entered in the textbox, the speed can be adjusted.
    • Incremental Jog can modify Jog Distance and Speed.
  2. Base (Cartesian Space) Control: Users can move the robot by assigning a target position in cartesian space (with respect to Robotbase, vision base, custom base)
    • IMPORTANT: The Base tab is used to move to a specified target with respect to the specified Base.Two modes are the same with joint space control.

  3. Tool: Move according to the Tool Coordinate.
  4. I/O: Click the I/O tab to open the I/O control page. In the IO control, the output value of each I/O can be controlled independently, including Control Box I/O, End Module I/O, Camera Module I/O, and Safety Connector I/O.NOTE:
    • Safety Connector IO is for HW 3.2 or newer exclusive.
    • Safety Connector IO is read-only and users cannot change the state in TMflow.
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