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[EtherNet/IP] Read/Write Values to a PLC

EtherNet/IP functions are applicable to:
TMflow Software version: v1.82.1000 or above
TM robot Hardware version: HW 3.0 or above

  • For hardware configuration of ethernet/ip, please refer to this link,
  • For driver configuration tutorial, please refer here.


Functions #

  • Read Functions
    • eip_read_input()
    • eip_read_input_int()
    • eip_read_input_float()
    • eip_read_input_string()
    • eip_read_input_bit()
    • eip_read_output()
    • eip_read_output_int()
    • eip_read_output_float()
    • eip_read_output_string()
    • eip_read_output_bit()
  • Write Functions
    • eip_write_output()
    • eip_write_output_bit()

Detailed explanations and examples can be found in the Expression Editor Manual.

Setting up TM official data type, the tutorial can be found here.

Using TMflow to read/send value to a PLC #

Step #1: Creating a blank TMflow project and create a project name.

Step#2: Insert a ‘SET’ node from the left panel. 

Step #3: Click the pencil icon on the upper left corner.

Step #3: Click on the right box (green area). A  pop-up window is shown.

Step #4: Choose ‘Connection’, and select ‘EtherNet/IP’

Step #5: Choose any function

Step #6: Choose any item, and click ‘ok’.

Step #7: Click ‘Insert’ and click ‘ok’ then.

Step #8a: Create a variable to store the results. The data type must be compatible.

Step #8b: Select variable data type.

Step #8c: Create a variable name and click  ‘ok’.

Step #9:  Click ‘Add’ to add one expression to the set node.

The EtherNet/IP function is set successfully.

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