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[EtherNet/IP] Mapping TM User-defined Data Types to Rockwell PLC

After Importing the (*.l5x) file to the Rockwell Studio 5000 Logix, we can map the pre-defined data types to any registers.

Remark: The (*.l5x) file contains user-defined data types and can be used to import the message format into Rockwell Studio 5000 Logix Designer. This file is required to be certified officially by Rockwell.

Step #1: Import Data Type (.L5X)

Note: T2O represents Target to Originator, read values from the target machine; O2T represents Originator to Target, write values to the target machine.

Step #2: Create Tags by using combined assembly for convenience.  

Step #3: Programing PLC ladder to sync I/O data by using datatype assemblies.

Step #4: Download to PLC

Step #5: Run PLC

The (*.l5x) file is imported and tags are created successfully.


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