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Dealing with Problems Using the Fixed Plane

What is the Relation Between the Fixed and Camera Planes? (Relation Between the Fixed Plane and Visual Initial Point) #

  • Visual initial point: The point is set up according to the given instructions after calibration is finished.
  • Recording the relation among the robot pose at the visual initial point, the camera plane, and the calibration plate.

How to Check Whether the Fixed Plane is Properly Taught or Applied? #

  • When a vision base and a proper TCP are created through fixed positioning, open the Controller’s settings page. Then set the Current Base X, Y, Rx, Ry, and Rz to 0, and define Z on the basis of the workpiece height.
  • Test the robot several times, by placing the workpiece at different positions within the photographable range of the vision base and setting the robot flange to move to the original visual point of the workpiece based on the TCP.
  • The robot should move along the X and Y directions vertically above the calibration plate, with the height of the Z axis remaining practically the same.
  • Perform hand-eye calibration again.

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