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1.Hand-Guide Calibration(靜摩擦力校正): Calibrate each joint’s limiting static friction to optimize the hand guide mode

2.Dynamic Calibration(safety校正): Calibrate each joint’s dynamic performance to optimize the robot movement

3.Camera Calibration(大小校正版相機參數校正): Calibrate the Camera module to optimize the vision ability__可從工廠手臂備份檔拿相機內部參數,與手臂無關

4.法蘭水平校正(僅在工廠施作):讓法蘭與robot base平行時,補償手臂6軸角度

5.Kinematic Calibration(DH校正): Calibrate the relative position of each joint, to make the robot work more efficient__與手臂精度相關

6.Hand-Eye Calibration(手眼校正): Calibration the relative position of Camera module and Robot, to make Robot work properly__標準EIH使用5 Landmark校正版,自定義EIH手眼則需要使用棋盤格並手動五點校正

7.Barcode Alignment(看手臂屁股Barcode): Record the relationship between Camera module & Base module for future analysis(if the relationship between robot link is changed)

8.Snake Calibration(大蟒蛇): Check each joint’s basic function is normal or not

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