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How to improve CT in vision pick and place project?

Examples are valid for:

TMflow Software version: all versions

TM Robot Hardware version: All versions.

Other specific requirements: None

Note that older or newer software versions may have different results.


Shot then Go #

Currently, only fixed-point positioning and partial AOI (Area of Interest) functionality are supported.

Shot then Go enables the robot to proceed to the next node directly after take a picture for the vision job, once the vision job computation has been successfully completed, the robot will execute the next task  within the vison base . This approach effectively reduces the waiting time after take a picture for the vision job.


Save the Vision Base to Reduce the Number of Pictures Taken #

Scenario: Multiple identical jigs need to be loaded and unloaded back and forth, as shown in the flow chart below.

By utilizing the stored vision base of jigs 1 to 12 in conjunction with parameterization, the motion workflow is optimized as depicted in the diagram below:


Other Tips and tricks #

  • Utilize grayscale color plane
  • Set ROI to reduce evaluation range
  • Use an appropriate number of pyramid levels

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