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How to Use Customize EIH Camera

TMflow Software version: 2.16 or above versions

TM Robot Hardware version: HW3.2 or above versions

Specific requirements:

Note: Older or newer software versions may have different results.

Purpose #

In the following situation , there may be a need to use Customize EIH Camera:

  • When TCP covers the built-in camera, it becomes necessary to extend an external camera for capturing. As shown below

  • Place the camera in a position that is easier to capture to reduct CT.
  • In order to achieve higher accuracy, it is usually desired to have better resolution at a higher position to improve positioning accuracy.

External Camera Setup #

Install the external camera at the desired working location, connect the camera to the control box, and it is recommended to use a casing to cover the wiring.

Camera Connection #

Enter Configuration->Vision settings->Camera Kit, and check whether the external camera is found.

Intrinsic Parameter Calibration #

Please refer to Notice on External Camera Calibration for Intrinsic Parameter Calibration. In the section 2, decide the working distance and choose a suitable camera and lens. Proceed with Intrinsic Parameter Calibration in section 3 to 4.

Hand-Eye Calibration #

Please refer to the Calibration Using TMflow Project – Tutorial for hand-eye calibration. Sections 6 to 7 of the article explain how to download and import the project, while section 9-2 provides instructions on setting up and running a customize EIH calibration project.

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