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Notices on Using the Robot with Applications of Polishing, Grinding and the Cylinder

TMflow Software version: All versions.

TM Robot Hardware version: All versions.


Vibrations occur when applying the robot to the polishing, the grinding, and the cylinders. The long-term intermittent vibrations may damage the internal components of the shaft joint.

For cylinder applications, it is recommended users choose cylinders with buffers or install buffers or dampers to reduce the possible vibration damage of the robot.

For polishing and grinding applications, it is recommended users change to use the robot to pick up the workpiece to reduce the vigorous vibrations that damage the robot’s internal parts. In addition, users must pay extra attention that the dust, metal scraps, and oil generated in the grinding environment may contaminate or corrode the robot parts. Please ensure that the robot is well protected or outfitted in protective clothing.

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