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Can TMflow set running speed at 50% during press “Play”?

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Examples are valid for:
TMflow Software version: 1.76.6300 or above.
TM Robot Hardware version: All versions.
Note that older or newer software versions may have different results.

TMflow set running speed #

Project Speed Adjustment Setting is available to users to adjust or restrict motion speed during project executions for safety and security.

To use Project Speed Adjustment Setting, follow the steps below.


  1. Navigate to ≡and click Setting > Safety > Project Speed Adjustment Setting.
  2. Check Enable Manual Trial Run Mode Speed Adjustment to set the project running with a flexible speed or uncheck to fix to 5% speed in Manual Trial Run Mode.
  3. Check Enable Auto Mode Speed Adjustment to let users adjust speed in project executions under Auto Mode. Once checked, it is recommended for users to set the speed adjustment password immediately. The password is blank by default. When the password is set, click the Reset Password button to set the password again.
  4. Click Save to keep the setting or Default to restore the defaults.


As users check either item in Project Speed Adjustment Setting, the speed adjustment icon with a stop sign turns to a tick sign appearing between the speed indicator and the Safety Checksum icon, and users can learn from the speed adjustment icon to know if it is available to adjust speed in the current mode.

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