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Robot voltage error

Case description: This section describes possible faults and suggested actions for each type of fault when no lights of the Robot Light Ring.
Result: The HMI cannot be accessed, there is End module light, and the system log shows  Error Code 0x3C、3B、3E、4B or LCM shows Power Failure stop.
Possible reason: The following are possible reasons that the IPC connection error:

1)Press the Emergency Switch

2)The robot’s cable is loose

3)Robot voltage is too low

4)Internal complex cable is loose.

5)The cable between  relay board and the Power supply 1000W is loose.

6)Related wire of Power control board is loose.

7)Joints power cable and E-bus wire are loose.

8)Joint or IO Module abnormal

Common error code

0x0000003B                  0x00000035







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