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Robot Stick Introduction

The Robot Stick has 6 function buttons, 3 indicator lights, 1 Emergency Switch, 1 set of speed indicator, and 1 QR-code. Their functions are as follow:

Robot Stick

CAUTION: When operating the robot stick, do not use other objects than fingers to press the robot stick.

  • Emergency Switch: Default emergency button for the robot
  • Power Button: Power initiation (single press)/ Shutdown (long press)
  • M/A Mode Switch Button: Toggle Manual/Auto Mode (single press). See Safety Manual for details.
  • Play/Pause Button: Play/Pause Project (single press)
  • Stop Button: Press this button to stop any project.
  • +- Button: Adjust project speed (single press) under Manual Trial Run Mode. See Safety Manual for details.
  • Power Indicator:
    • This indicator shows the robot’s power status.
    • Not on: Switched off
    • Flashing: Booting
    • Constant: Startup completed
  • Mode Indicator Lights: One is Manual Mode, the other one is Auto Mode. They show the robot’s current operating mode. Once bootup is complete only one will always be on.
  • Speed Indicator: Display the current project speed. Lit in green for 5% and in blue for 10% such as 4 in blue and 1 in green equals 45%.
  • QR Code Label: The content of the SSID is also the robot’s name in TCP/IP network.

CAUTION: The robot stick is magnetic so that it can be attached to iron or steel surfaces. However, the risk of falling or rotating caused by poor attachment should be taken into account. It is recommended to use the Robot Stick Stand (official accessory) to secure the robot stick. The Robot Stick Stand should be fixed with screws. Always attach the robot stick when it is not in use. The robot stick should be placed in a way such that the signal cables are routed to avoid damage caused by pulling.


1. The control box, cables, power signal cables, and robot stick cannot be used when any of them is in contact with liquids. This may result in personal injury or death.
2. The control box comes with the IP32 rating, but it is not recommended to use in dusty and humid environments. Pay extra attention to environments with conductive dust (such as metal particles).
3. Be noted that the control box can only be in a standing pose for the IP32 rating.

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