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Notice on Connecting to External Devices

TMflow Software version: All versions.

TM Robot Hardware version: All versions.


The external connection device must correspond with the dedicated LAN port to get the connection. For the definition of the LAN ports of the control box, please refer to Control Box Interfaces in Hardware Installation Manual.

When connecting to an external device, please ensure that the IP settings and domain must be the same; otherwise, the connection will fail to establish.

If encountered the situation where the device failed to establish the connection, please first confirm whether the cable and the external device are compatible with Techman Robot. If there is no way to rule out the situation, contact qualified and authorized service personnel.

Before installing TMflow Client on user’s device(e.g. laptop), it is necessary to make sure the device meet the minimum requirement and select correct version file according to OS version for installation. For more details, please refer 「2.2.4 TM Robot Operations with TMflow」in Software Manual TMflow.

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