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[EtherNet/IP] Communication Protocol on TM

Hardware Installation #

Step #1: Remove the cover of the control box and the cable.

(left) Remove the control box upper cover (right) Remove the cable

Step #2: Find the card slot and install the Mini-PCIe card and cable.

Step #3: Fix the card with screws.

Step #4: Remove the cover (red box) with a screwdriver and install the network plug.

Step #5 (Finally), Plug the cable and install the cover of the control box.

Enabling EtherNet/IP #

Step #1: Go to the setting page.
Step #2: Click Connection. 

Step #3: After entering the Connection page, chose EtherNet/IP Server.
Step #4: Enable EtherNet/IP by clicking the button below.

EtherNet/IP server page #

  1. Enable setting (Enable/Disable)
  2. Status Display (Check if it is enabled successfully)
  3. Endian setting (Big-endian/Little-endian)
  4. Display current Fieldbus settings
  5. Display Fieldbus settings after booting
  6. Input and Output table (Complete table can be downloaded here)

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