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Reference Design: TM 2D & 3D CAMERA MOUNT KIT

There are many reasons to add an additional camera to boost your work.
Here we would like to provide users a reference design to mount camera Eye-to-Hand or Eye-in-Hand.
By these drawings provided in this article, you could manufacture the parts locally, or modify the part design to fit your scenario.

Also, you could now buy this product in following link as an official accessory from TM:

Current design support following camera: #

  • 2D Basler ace GigE
  • 2D Basler ace 2 GigE
  • 2D FLIR Blackfly GigE BFLY-PGE-50A2C-CS (Color)
  • 2D FLIR Blackfly GigE BFLY-PGE-50A2M-CS (Gray)
  • 3D BENANO C2100

BOM list: #

  • Bracket Base EIH X1
  • Bracket Base ETH x1
  • Bracket Main X1
  • Bracket Cap x1
  • Metal Spring Bracket x1
  • Cable Biding Bracket x2
  • Screw M2L4 x4
  • Screw M4L6 x4
  • Screw M6L8 x4
  • Screw M5L14 x4
  • Screw M3L4 x5

Drawing Download Link: #

Individual parts drawing(DWG, PDF and STP)
3D assembly drawing (STP)

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