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AI Vision Series

Enhance Machine Vision Capabilities with Artificial Intelligence

Traditional machine vision relies on engineers to create a set of rules for performing identification, detection, and classification tasks with codes and algorithms. However, algorithms cannot cover 100% of objects or situations in the real world. As a result, the accuracy of machine vision is limited.

With AI technologies being introduced, robots can generate their own rules by analyzing tons of image data and thus, creating an AI model. With more and more data that are analyzed by the cobot, the accuracy of this AI model can be constantly improved.

Traditional Machine Vision vs. AI Machine Vision

Traditional Machine Vision relies on engineers to create a set of rules for performing identification, detection and classification tasks with codes and algorithms. 





AI Machine Vision can make annotations on image data, and the AI solution will analyze these data and generate a set of rules (AI model). The accuracy of the AI model can be constantly improved with more and more data being analyzed.


AI Vision Solutions

Leveraging TM Robot’s embedded vision and AI function,
you will be able to apply AI vision to your production and enhance the overall capacity,
yield, and traceability of product quality.

TM 3DVision

The 3D vision function will assist you in handling object with various forms and multiple types of working spaces.


TM Robot’s vision software allows you to perform AOI applications independently without a cobot, or cooperate with TM Robot to perform other complex visual inspection tasks and applications.

TM AI+ Training Server

Designed with an easy-to-use interface for anyone who wants to apply AI vision technology. This solution will not only reduce the labor and costs of implementing AI in robotics but also decrease quality issues that are caused by human errors.

TM Image Manager

Connect to a maximum of 4 TM Robots / TM AI+ AOI Edge for AOI image backup, retrieval, and double confirmation. Product traceability is the key to your customers’ satisfaction.