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Ready to Revolutionize your TM Robot?

Artificial Intelligence and How It Can Impact Your Business


Using TM AI+ to help robot create its own principle
for object classification and detection

TM AI+ Can Help You Solve These Manufacturing Issues

Artificial intelligence in manufacturing can not only create rapid, data determined decisions but also advance process effectiveness.  By processing massive image data of the object to use for AI deep learning, the machine can learn and conclude principles for object classification or detection. The robot arm can easily execute differentiation tasks based on the principles learned.

When applying machine vision, we might encounter difficulties such as:
1. Users find it hard to instruct the robot on how to discriminate objects that have similar appearance
Example: Using machine vision to classify apples and pomegranates
2. Users find it hard to define objects that has multiple forms
Example: Using machine vision to detect defects on the product’s surface, and the defection may have many different forms

TM AI+ as Your Solution for Manufacturing with AI 

TM AI+ Training Server is a software that allows users to process huge amount
of samples and build a deep learning training model. Imagine the possibilities with AI in manufacturing and how it can help your business grow.
  • A browser-based user interface for users to easily open a browser and log in to the software
  • With TM Robot built-in vision, the image data can be automatically collected and uploaded to the server for users to label the data
  • User-friendly interface for users to process massive data samples easily
  • Preview the training results to see if the accuracy meets your expectation
  • Import the training results back into the robotic arm and apply AI module function

Please use TM Plug & Play recommended server or other server which has same level specification as TM AI+ Training server hardware. Please click here to learn more.

If you choose to use other server, please download and install TM AI+ Training Server software at Techman Robot official site download page