In this day and age of Industry 4.0, staying sharp and ahead of the competition can often depend on a business’ capability to keep things running stably and functioning with efficiency. MES and SCADA are robot management systems that help businesses manage their operations through software as a solution. Both MES and SCADA offer a variety of capabilities, including the ability to monitor and control robots, schedule tasks, and gather data.

That being said, SCADA is generally considered to be better than MES because it offers more features and is easier to use. It performs excellently at providing real-time visualization of process and short-term historical data. On the other hand, MES is known to provide the most value in the presentation of aggregate data. So, for businesses that want to manage their robots effectively, SCADA is your best option.

If you’re uncertain about the comparison, then do keep reading on as we compare and evaluate the two as robot management systems.

What is a Manufacturing Execution System or MES?

MES is a robot management system that helps businesses, such as industrial enterprises, manage their production. It allows businesses to monitor and control their production in operations through efficient planning, which involves standardizing and improving product quality, managing inventory, and better decision-making.

As a robot management system, MES provides businesses the capability to handle production orders through the monitoring and gathering of data in the robots, machinery, and tools.

The capabilities of MES include:

  • Facilitating the execution of production orders
  • Calculating performance data
  • Measuring actual production costs
  • Forecasting events that can affect production
robot arm pointing to SCADA

What is Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition or SCADA?

SCADA is a robot management system that helps businesses through a range of features that allow the user to oversee an entire manufacturing facility via remote management, which involves the monitoring and collection of data from equipment and the interaction between various field devices and a set of software and hardware.

It allows businesses to monitor and control their robots, schedule tasks, gather data, and optimize performance. SCADA is generally considered to be the best option for businesses because it offers more features and is easier to use than MES. And for businesses that have the opportunity to tap into a high-performance factory management software, the concern is why not choose a powerful SCADA software?

As a robot management system, SCADA makes it faster, easier, and simpler to execute smarter business decisions. The capabilities of SCADA include:

  • Providing remote access to the plant or manufacturing facility
  • Monitoring of activities, tasks, and events in real-time
  • Storing and reporting of data and information
  • Interacting with and processing data through devices like sensors, PLCs, and other types of hardware
  • Empowering flexibility through a versatile system

Why is SCADA Better than MES?

Overall, SCADA is a better solution as opposed to MES, especially for businesses that want to manage their robots with much more efficiency. It offers more features, is more flexible, and is easier to use than MES, primarily because MES is dedicated to the decision-making involved in the management of production orders, whereas SCADA provides a graphical representation of the entire system of operations. That being said, businesses should evaluate their needs and preferences to decide which system better fits their enterprise’s need for a solution.

TM Robot’s TMmanager: Your Key to Efficient Robot Management System

Techman Robot’s TMmanager is a robot management system that serves as your all-in-one smart factory planner.

TMmanager provides your business with a reliable, comprehensive, and sophisticated SCADA software that helps you monitor, collect, and analyze data in real-time. Leverage the features of the TM Manager by:

  • Viewing factory information even when you’re away from the plant with remote access through a simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Making the most of visualized data by generating charts and analyzing reports
  • Executing the right decisions and responding to performance issues accordingly with real-time data and alarm messages

These are just a few ways your operations can start performing better with TMmanager. Stay ahead of the competition by having full control of your factory and making the right business decisions based on data—all through a SCADA software built for the smart factory era.

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