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TMmanager: High-Performance Factory Management Software

Your Smart Factory Partner

TMmanager is a powerful SCADA software solution that makes it easy for you to utilize all manufacturing data and manage your smart factory. It is an intelligent management system with real-time data collection, monitoring and analysis. As an all-in-one factory management software, it runs on Windows operating system and supports multiple standard industry protocols and databases. Our user-friendly interface allows you to remotely monitor and view all factory information instantly. The software dashboard is also designed to provide operators and managers with visualized data, generate charts, and analyze reports. More importantly, it can also provide alarm messages to relevant personnel for them to understand the real-time conditions and make the right response.

TMmanager is a Comprehensive Intelligent Manufacturing Solution

If you like total control over every aspect of your factory,
TMmanager can help with just that.

Easy to Use

  • Support multiple smart module and wizard 
  • Customized KanBan and dashboard
  • Support pie chart, bar graph and line chart
  • Energy management solution
  • Support multi-language
  • Support logic and math operations

Data Security

  • Redundant System
  • Data Center: monitor and access different database
  • SQL Import/Export/Backup
  • Remote Control and Monitoring System

Alarm System

  • Threshold setting and alarm event management
  • Trouble Shooting

Open Data Interface

  • Support SQL database(MySQL / Oracle / MS SQL)
  • Support Socket and Modbus
  • Support Web API / RESTful API
  • Dashboard deployment with container

Robot Management System

  • Automatically detection for connected TM Robot in the same area network
  • TM Robot status monitor wizard
  • TM Robot project deployment and management
  • TM Robot information and parameters moduleTMflowTM Error / Alarm message
  • TM Robot Log management

Shop Floor Control System

  • Manufacturing Data and Historical Data Management
    Plan Process / Station / Operation / Action / SFC Client
  • Support Duplicate Stations and Joint Process
  • Routing Check Control
  • Work Order Management with Progress / Productivity Status
  • Custom Kanban and Report
  • Alarm / Message / Action System
    S/N Generator with Multiple Coding Principles

Shop Floor Control System in Your Robot Management Software

Added Values for Smart Manufacturing

TMmanager provides Shop Floor Control (SFC) module for collecting, monitoring, controlling,
and managing all manufacturing data. As a SCADA operating system with a user-friendly interface, users have the flexibility to
plan processes, workstations, and operations for products in different areas and easily get their
progress status. With integrated charts and reporting dashboards, operators and managers can
understand real-time situations and make the right decisions through an integrated and comprehensive robot management system. By continuously improving your
company’s capabilities, you will succeed in the Smart Factory era.

Video demonstrations of SFC procedure and Dashboard Wizard

Case Study

Long Run Test of TM Robot

Smart management of testing stations by using
TMmanager RMS, SFC and dashboard
functions to improve efficiency