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Collaborative gripping by SCHUNK – Plug & Work Portfolio Techman Robot

Product Feature

Co-act Gripper for implementing collaborative applications

The Plug & Work portfolio consists of electrically and pneumatically actuated grippers, quick-change modules, and force/torque sensors specifically adapted to robot arms from Techman Robot.
All the Plug & Work components are prepared for mechanical and electrical direct connection to the TM robot sizes 5, 12, and 14. Depending on requirements, various grippers and end-of-arm components can be selected.


  • Certified SCHUNK Co-act grippers for quick and easy entry into the world of collaborative applications
  • Certified gripping unit saves effort for safety assessment of the application
  • Comprehensive portfolio consisting of various components and grippers for different applications for fast and easy entry into automation

Collaborating gripper for small components Co-act EGP-C 25, 40, 50 and 64
Electric 2-finger parallel gripper certified for collaborative operation with actuation via 24 V and digital I/O.
Gripping and moving small and medium-sized workpieces with flexible force in collaborative operation in the areas of assembly, electronics and machine tool loading.

Description Co-act EGP-C 40-N-N-TMEK Co-act EGP-C 40-N-N-TMID Co-act EGP-C 64-N-N-TMEK
Stroke per jaw [mm] 6 6 10
Max. gripping force [N] 140 140 230
LED strip light Integrated Integrated
Weight [kg] 0.60 0.86 1.38
Recommended workpiece weight [kg] 0.70 0.70 1.15
Cable length [mm] 4000 210 4000

HW: HW 1.0 and above
SW: SW 1.76.6300 and above

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