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Product Feature

The 3-FINGER GRIPPER (3FG15) is ideal for gripping a wide range of cylindrical objects in machine-tending applications such as CNC lathe machines. The gripper’s design automatically centers workpieces, resulting in fast deployment with a strong, stable grip and precise placement. With a payload of up to 15kg, the 3FG15 competes with larger, bulkier, and much less flexible finger grippers. Like all OnRobot grippers, the 3FG15 offers seamless integration with the robots of your choice.


  • Precise, stable grip
  • Large stroke, up to 150 mm
  • High Payload, up to 15 kg
  • Gripping force 10-240 N
  • Easy deployment
  • Customizable fingertips

How does it work?

  • Flexible production – large-stroke optimizes CNC lathe-tending for multiple part sizes with a single 3-finger gripper
  • Accurate centric positioning drives higher quality, consistency, and output with minimal programming
  • Strong, stable grip with 3 contact points makes gripper fast and easy to redeploy for multiple processes
  • Accomplish more with customizable fingertips to flexibly grip a wide range of part sizes and shapes


Software Packages

  • Dimensions: 156 x 158 x 180 mm
  • Gripper mass: 1.15 kg
  • payload force fit: 10 kg
  • payload form fit: 15 kg
  • Gripping diameter outside: 4 -152 mm
  • Inner gripping diameter: 35 -176 mm
  • Gripping force: 10 – 240 N
  • Power supply: 24V
  • IP protection class: IP67

HW: HW 1.0 and above
SW: SW 1.76.6300 and above

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