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PCIE-1750U I/O Module for TM AI+ AOI Edge

Product Feature

  • TM AI+ AOI Edge’s dedicated PCIE I/O module ( Part No.: PCIE-1750U-AE)
  • I/O connector ( Part No.: PCL-10137-BE)
  • Wiring board (Part No.: ADAM-3937-3E)
  •  The above three products need to be purchased separately and used in combination
  • TM AI+ AOI Edge is purchased separately
  • 16-ch isolated digital input
  • 16-ch isolated digital output for both PNP(source)/ NPN (sink) type
  • High isolation voltage (2,500 VDC)
  • TM AI+ AOI Edge can be used after installing the software driver

HW: HW 1.0 and above
SW: SW 1.72 and above

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