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Techman Robot Unveils TM AI Cobot TM25S at Metalex 2023


Techman Robot is set to showcase its latest innovation, the TM AI Cobot TM25S, at Metalex 2023. This cutting-edge collaborative robot, boasting a payload capacity of 25kg, promises to redefine the future of automation by introducing groundbreaking features and capabilities.

Redefining Industry Standards

The TM AI Cobot S Series is poised to reshape industry standards with its outstanding features and capabilities, setting a new benchmark in industrial automation. With a remarkable payload capacity of 25kg, TM25S offers unmatched flexibility, featuring the longest reach in its market, exceeding 190cm. Equipped with advanced smart vision and AI technology, it excels in precision-based tasks, such as palletizing, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Notably, significant performance improvements lead to enhanced efficiency. Thanks to increased motor speed, TM AI cobot achieve a remarkable 25% reduction in cycle time, ensuring quicker task completion. Furthermore, in specific configurations, they exhibit a remarkable 70% improvement in repeatability, with precision reaching an astonishing 0.03 mm. These advancements represent a significant leap forward in industrial automation, making the TM AI Cobot S Series a top choice for diverse industrial needs.

Easy to deploy welding application

Techman Robot is excited to introduce a user-friendly and highly adaptable welding robot. This innovative solution is designed to simplify welding tasks, offering quick setup and operation while accommodating a range of workpiece shapes and sizes. Their commitment to delivering practical solutions that meet real-world manufacturing challenges is at the forefront of this latest offering.

Support in Thailand

Techman Robot is committed to delivering extensive technical and local support through its Thailand office, which is located within Techman Electronics. As subsidiaries of the Quanta Group, both Techman Robot and Techman Electronics collaborate seamlessly. The widespread adoption of TM AI Cobot in Techman Electronics’ factory underscores their dedication to cutting-edge technology.

Specializing in an advanced EMS manufacturing system, Techman Electronics integrates automation, testing, and quality control to ensure operational excellence.

Metalex 2023 attendees are invited to experience the future of automation at the Techman Robot booth. Witness the unveiling of the TM AI Cobot TM25S and explore its revolutionary features. For more information on Techman Robot and their products, visit or meet them at Metalex 2023, Booth Hall99-AL13 .