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Techman Robot to Showcase AI Robots Built on NVIDIA Isaac at COMPUTEX

Techman Robot is collaborating with NVIDIA to leverage the NVIDIA Isaac and NVIDIA Omniverse platforms to accelerate development of AI-enabled robots.

Using NVIDIA Isaac Sim, an application framework for robotic simulation and synthetic data generation, Techman Robot has reduced its robot programming time by 70% and cycle time by 20%, greatly lowering both time and costs. Digital twins provide robust support for collaborative robots by virtually modeling both the robots and their working environments. Using generative AI, tens of thousands of simulated data points can be produced, tested, and optimized in a virtual environment, training super-AI models that can drive major transformations across various industries. Techman Robot is also now adopting NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator, a workflow of NVIDIA-accelerated libraries such as cuMotion, that enables manipulator robots to perceive, understand, and interact with their environments.

Redefining Collaborative Robots with AI: TM AI Cobot

Techman Robot’s TM AI Cobot redefines the next generation of collaborative robots with built-in intelligent vision and AI. In its recently launched depalletizing application, Techman Robot not only manually collected thousands of real-world data points for boxes of different sizes but also generated 90% of the required data using OpenUSD-based synthetic data generated by NVIDIA Isaac Sim. This virtual data, including images of palletized boxes with varying materials, prints, and palletizing conditions, helps bridge the data gap from the real world and train the box detection super-AI model. This super-AI model, combined with the full integration of the TM AI Cobot’s software and hardware, brings revolutionary changes to the logistics industry.

COMPUTEX 2024: Showcasing the Future of Smart Manufacturing

At COMPUTEX (June 4 – 7), Techman Robot and its partners showcased digital twins using the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. QCT is displaying smart factory and 5G solutions, while MSI demonstrated an AMR delivery solution incorporating smart vision and AI cobots. Additionally, YUAN used the TM AI Cobot for AI inspection. With the Omniverse platform, Techman Robot and its partners are bringing digital twin applications in smart manufacturing to industries such as electronics, warehousing, automotive, and semiconductors.

Scott Huang, COO of Techman Robot, stated, “What sets the TM AI Cobot apart from other brands is its built-in vision system and AI inference engine. We use NVIDIA RTX GPUs to enhance the AI performance of our robots.”

Through its collaboration with NVIDIA to create digital twins, Techman Robot is optimizing design structures, testing work tasks and environments, simulating performance and processes, redefining AI collaborative robots, and helping bring innovative changes to various industries.