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OMRON to Invest in Taiwan’s Collaborative Robot Company Techman Robot Inc.

Techman Robot, the world’s leading manufacturer of collaborative arm robots, announced further collaboration with Omron Corp. Due to the potential development of Techman Robot in the global automation market, Omron will invest and acquire an approximately 10% stake in Techman Robot. The investment expects to be completed by December 2021.

Techman Robot will work together with Omron, a business partner since 2018, to develop robot technology and open up new markets. This investment will strengthen our robot business—the driving force behind the growth of our industrial automation business—and help us realize innovative manufacturing sites where people and machines work together more collaboratively.

Omron entered into a strategic alliance with Techman Robot in 2018 to meet existing automation needs due to labor shortages. Under this alliance, TM collaborative robot is sold globally through the OMRON sales network under both companies’ brand names.

Through this investment, the two companies will jointly develop innovative robot solutions that combine OMRON’s factory automation machinery with TM collaborative robot. This will advance us further toward our goal of creating innovative manufacturing sites where people and machines work together.

Dr. Shi-Chi Ho, the chairman of Techman Robot said” Techman Robot has penetrated the global market and successfully become the world’s second-largest collaborative robot company since 2018. Under the alliance, Techman collaborative Robot has enhanced the reputation all over the world with Omron, which helps achieve our company’s mission of improving the lives of humans through innovation. We aim to close the gap for every business and create smart factory solutions for human-machine collaboration. We are delighted to deepen our longstanding relationship with Omron through this collaboration, which is a significant opportunity for both companies, addressing the fast-growing gap in the market for the demanding need for smart manufacturing. We believe our partnership will open new innovative doors into the future. OMRON & Techman Robot will together deliver a highly flexible and scalable collaborative robot solution, assisting customers to easily and fully integrate collaborative robotics into smart manufacturing.”

Junta Tsujinaga, Company President of Industrial Automation Business Company, commented on the strengthening of the OMRON-Techman Robot alliance as follows. “In 2018, we added TM collaborative robots to our product lineup. The strengthening our alliance with Techman Robot at this time further pushes the evolution of collaboration between people and robots in manufacturing.