Adaptive Gripper, 2-Finger 85/140 TM Kit

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  • Maximum gripping force : 20 to 235 N ± 15%
  • Open to close range : 0~85mm(85 type) 0~140mm(140 type)
  • Speed : 20~150mm/sec
  • Repeatability : ±0.05mm
  • weight : 900g
  • Wider programmable travel
  • The self-adapting gripper can perform the following functions: Gripping in parallel, Clamping in holding, Clipping with inner support
  • Electric energy enabling
  • Gripper tips can be customized
  • Control parameters: Position, Speed, Torque control
  • Feedback parameters: Position control, Grip-missing detection, Gripping detection

Availability: Global

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