Cobots Insights & Automation Solutions for System Integrators at Techman Robot’s SI Day

Last December, Techman Robot held a special event for system integrators. Experts and experienced automation solution providers from all around Taiwan gathered to share and exchange the latest robotics technology and topics that are trending in the world of industrial 4.0. As the event host, Techman Robot also introduced and shared automation insights on their new-developed software solutions that were released in the second half of 2020.


Minimizing Implementation Cost and Efforts for End Users and System Integrators


Robot operator solution is a growingly new choice to end-users and system integrators. Robot operators are a pre-integrated automation solution package that includes both hardware and software designed for a certain task. However, these ready-to-use solutions often come with complicated software and a fixed design that gives little space for you to make customized adjustments. As a result, system integrators often need to help out their customers on operating the software or modify the robot operator to meet their user’s need. So keep in mind that even a solution package will most likely still consume more time and money for both parties.


Choosing a robot operator solution with customizable freedom is essential to maximize a packaged solution. For example, the TM Palletizing Operator Kit from Techman Robot is a software kit that allows users to create a palletizing operator with a customized hardware layout. Another robot operator solution worth mentioning is the TM Operator Suite, a software package for system integrators to create robot operators that have a simplified, step-oriented user interface that can be deployed in various applications. With these highly-flexible solutions, both system integrators and end-users can find the best suitable solution for their needs. So that all stakeholders’ can have their costs and efforts reduced during pre and post-implementation.

A deburring operator built with TM Operator Suite software pack


Cobots with AGV: Giving Collaborative Robots a Pair of Feet


The application of cobots combined with AGV has been a popular topic among factories that are seeking automation solutions. AGV provides mobility to cobots, allowing them to work at different locations. However, a big challenge for mobile robots is the vision re-calibration and re-adjustment process that takes place whenever the robot and AGV moves. This process increases the work cycle time and lowers the cobot’s production efficiency.


The TM Landmark function provided in TM Robot, a stand-alone cobot solution from Tehcman Robot, is a unique solution that helps cobots to complete vision re-calibration and update the surrounding coordinates within a few seconds, just by performing a quick scan on the TM Landmark sticker. This solution is a perfect fit for cobots on AGV because it can significantly reduce the time needed for re-calibration, and also keep cobot movements in high precision despite constantly changing their position.

TM Robot’s built-in camera, TM Landmark function combine with AGV results in a highly flexible and efficiently mobile robot solution for factories


Extending the Coverage and Capability for Smart Robot Vision


A well-known collaborative robot feature of TM Robot is its smart robot vision system called TMvision. This powerful software function combined with the cobot’s built-in camera provides many benefits for users when dealing with vision-related tasks. Some of the latest software solutions in the market, such as TM 3DVision and TM AI+ bring out more of your robot vision’s value. These two solutions will enhance the performance of TM Robot’s vision system, especially in random bin picking and AOI inspection applications, and allow the robot to identify objects that are stack in random patterns or objects with irregular form.


Improving the World of Work Together With SI Partners


At Techman Robot, we are well aware of how important our SI partners are when we are striving for the goal of making the industrial world better. This is why we develop products and software that are flexible, duplicable, and easy-to-use. With these solutions and tools, we want to help SI partners to minimize their costs, time, and effort when developing and duplicating reliable automation to their customers. Together with our SI partners, we aim to close the gap for all workers in the industrial world.


If you’re interested in knowing more of the mentioned products or would like to become one of our partners, please don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more!

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