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A Powerful Software Platform Development Solution for System Integrators

TM Operator Platform is a software development platform designed for SI partners. It combines TM Robot and its smart functions with TM Plug&Play’s peripheral devices, and TM Operator Suite. TM Operator Suite is a software development kit that integrates different kinds of smart functions from several Techman Robot’s own-developed software.

TM Operator Suite: Create a Robot Operator that is Different from Any Other Traditional Robot Cell

TM Operator Suite integrates many smart software including TMflow, TMvision, TMstudio, and TMmanager, it can help SI partners achieve:
1. Implement your own know-how with TM Robot and build an application-based robot operator
2. Integrated vision system and task compiling UI of TM Robot
3. Integrated TM Robot smart software such as TMflow and TMvision
4. Design your own customized UI and dashboard
5. Easily duplicate the developed Robot Operator for sell to your customers

TMmanager: Operator Builder Package


It helps professional system integrators to:

1. Design customized, process-oriented task editing UI, and software dashboard.
2. The builder package will allow you to edit a task quickly and monitor the executing status through your graphical dashboard.

TMflow / TMvision

Thanks to TM Operator Suite’s highly integrated functions of TM Robot, your customer can call out TMflow or TMvision functions within the robot operator UI. Based on your design, you can adjust the robot arm’s motion flow or detailed settings of the vision task by yourselve.

TMstudio (For Palletizing Operator)

Besides TMflow and TMvision, TM Operator Suite also integrates the function of TMstudio. Based on your design, your customer can call out TMstudio functions within the Robot Operator UI to define the pallet size, box sizes, palletizing orders, and simulate the palletizing process or generate execution files.

Robot Operator Examples

Build your own Robot Operator for any application based on your customer’s special needs

3D Vision Operator
Deburring Operator
Palletizing Operator

Comparison of Traditional Robot Cell and Robot Operator

Traditional Robot Cell

Requires different HMI to control robot arm and external system
such as a vision system

Lack of flexibility – Your robot cell may require a re-design if the production site or process needs a large alteration

Difficult to integrate external software

Robot Operator

Controller of the robot arm and vision system are integrated and can be operated via the same UI; It can also communicate with external devices or system via Modbus and Socket

High flexibility – Freely adjust the process flow or vision jobs based on your own demand

Easily integrate external software into one user interface, for example, a palletizing simulation software