What is TM Palletizing Operator? The TM Palletizing Operator is an all-in-one palletizing robot exclusively designed for palletizing automation. Our package includes built-in guiding software that assists users to set up their palletizing specifications quickly. It can also carry out palletizing simulations and collision tests beforehand, and even shortens the duration of pallet setting from the usual six months to only five minutes! This robot palletizer solution can be applied to many industries such as warehousing, logistics, food processing and manufacturing.

A highly reliable robot palletizing solution applicable to a diverse range of industries

  • 17 certified PL=d cell level safety functions
  • Palletizing speed of up to 7 boxes per minute
  • Adjustable pillar with a maximum reach of 1200mm and a corresponded maximum stack height of 2325mm*
  • TMstudio Palletizing Wizard – Simple palletizing set up with simulation and collision detection

*We offer 3 pillar strokes with different max. stack height, please see the specs sheet for more info.


As there is growing demand for more efficient palletizing robot applications, TM Palletizing Operator is designed to stack cartons and
products onto two palletizing stations. Users can use our
smart software to design their own palletizing project
within one minute.

Download Spec

Easily Edit Your Palletizing Task with 5 Different Modes

Software Features

TMstudio Palletizing Wizard

Provide an optimal solution for palletizing

▪ Customizable box, pallet size
▪ Generate point file offline
▪ Custom box arrangement and sequence
▪ Palletizing simulation and collision detection


Palletizing Software packages for TMflow

Main Function

▪ Calibration of the pillar (fig. A)
▪ Main function based on the file generated from TMstudio Palletizing Wizard, and settings for the cell (fig. B)

Flexible Robot Palletizer For Functional Expansion By User

▪ Using customized gripper
▪ Adding more vision functions like barcode reading
▪ Adding downward sensor detection before releasing the box
▪ Slip sheet application programming


Hardware Specification

Pillar Stroke 500mm

Pillar Stroke 800mm

Pillar Stroke 1200mm

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