Slide Build a Highly Flexible Robot Palletizing Solution with
TM Palletizing Operator Kit
Did you ever run into these problems after implementing a palletizing solution from the market?

1. The hardware specification of the solution couldn’t meet the layout or flow planning of the production site.
2. Adjusting the layout or flow planning of the production site generates a big extra cost
3. Asking the solution provider to modify the hardware but the software will also need to be modified. Resulting in more costs!


Techman Robot Offers TM Palletizing Operator Kit for You to Build a Flexible Solution That Meets Your Needs!

You can design the hardware layout of your palletizing cells based on any demands and know-how


Above pictures are reference layout display

Contains 2 main software function for hardware & software integration

TMstudio Palletizing Wizard


TMflow for palletizing