Zimmer HRC-03 TM-Kit

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  • Direct connection to robot tool IO
  • Direct assembly to robot flange
  • Identification of different workpiece dimensions without re-adjusting sensor position by analogue sensing 0-10V
  • Collaborative, safety approved by German DGUV/BG
  • Safe gripping even in power failure by mechanical self-locking function
  • Adjustable gripping force => 50N, 100N, 150N, 190N
  • Electric, only 1A needed for operating
Order no.HRC-03-101016
Type of driveElectrical
ControlDigital I/O
Stroke per jaw[mm]10
Gripping force safety deviceYes
Gripping force in closing (adjustable) max.[N]190
Gripping force in opening (adjustable) max.[N]190
Closing time [S]0.19
Opening time [S]0.19
Control time [S]0.03
Permissible weight per jaw max [kg]0.1
Length of the gripper fingers max. [mm]80
Minimum positioning path per jaw [mm]0.5
Repetition accuracy +/- [mm]0.05
Integrated position sensingYes 0…10V
Current consumption max. [A]1
Voltage [V]24
Operating temperature min. [°C]5
Operating temperature max. [°C]+50
Protection to IEC 60529IP40
Weight [kg]0.7
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