3D e-chain TM Kit – Velcro® Tape

  • The igus® triflex®R system guides cables and hoses secure along the TM Robot
  • Guidance via synthetic clamps and energy chains around the arms of the TM Robot
  • Cheap, easy, and fast installation.
  • Modular system – easy to shorten and lengthen.
  • Cable guidance with a minimum bending radius and minimum torsion angle.
  • Easy and fast filling with harnessed cables (connectors) from outside (TRE/TRL).
  • Two or three chambers for separating cables and hoses.
  • New guidance of the triflex®R system with the use of silicon free Velcro® tape for all TM Robots.
  • Easy mounting of the NEW silicon free Velcro® tape clamps for an elegant guiding energy system without any interfering contours.
Robot Type System (single Velcro® Tape) igus® Part Number
TM5-700, TM5-900, TM5M-700, TM5M-900, TM12, TM14 e-chain®
Corrugated Tube
loose cables

Availability: Global

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