Industrial Camera

FLIR Industrial Camera provides outstanding quality and high level of reliability, which works seamlessly with TM Robot whilst performing various kinds of applications. FLIR Industrial Camera is the official assigned external vision device for the TM licensed software function. External Vision device of the below TM licensed Software is designed to bind with FLIR Industrial Camera.


Specs/Model Shutter Mono/Colour Resolution
BFLY-PGE-50A2C-CS Rolling shutter with global reset Colour 5MP
BFLY-PGE-50A2M-CS Rolling shutter with global reset Mono 5MP
BFLY-PGE-50S5C-C Global shutter Colour 5MP
BFLY-PGE-50S5M-C Global shutter Mono 5MP
BFS-PGE-50S5C-C Global shutter Colour 5MP
BFS- PGE-120S4C-CS Rolling shutter with global reset Colour 12MP
BFS- PGE-120S4M-CS Rolling shutter with global reset Mono 12MP
BFLY-PGE-09S2C-CS Global shutter Colour 0.9MP
BFS-PGE-200S6M-C Rolling shutter Mono 20MP


  • TM Robot HW3.2
  • TMflow 1.8 or later
  • Availability: Global

    Please contact with FLIR subsidiaries and authorized distribution partners Offical Website
    Please notice the seller it’s “TM Plug&Play” when you purchase the package.