Intelligent Vision System

TM robot has built-in intelligent vision system which provides totem pairing, object position, bar code identification, color differentiation, and other vision functions. With built-in vision system and its advanced features , TM's robot is the smartest and most easy-to-use cobot in the world.

Use Your Hand

No more distressed and time-consuming coding! You can guide every pose and point in your task by hand and change the degree of freedom of the hand-guide function freely according to different conditions.

Safe and Friendly Robotics

Guarding fences or cells are gone! Everywhere is safety zone. User can configure the TM robot's safety settings according to the work environment and robot will stop moving automatically while detecting the collision to protect user safety.


With our powerful built-in vision system and TM flow™ , TM5 can see, think and work unitedly and smartly like human and easily achieve jigless automation tasks.


Users can use hand-guiding function to teach robot every pose and point in the task. All-graphic flow chart based HMI allows people to use robots as simple as smart phones.


TM5 complies with the ISO 10218 human-robot safety requirement. All our efforts to make the robot safer bring the production and manufacturing into an era of human-robot collaboration.

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Revolutionary User Interface

You can implement your automation task with our revolutionary simple- to-use TMflow™ . In combination with TM Robot hand-guiding teaching and the built-in intelligent vision system, users without coding experience of industrial robots can complete a visual pick & place teaching in 5 minutes. Techman robots reduce your time-to-production and save your total cost in automation.