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TM 2D & 3D Camera Mount Kit

Allows users to mount a 2D or 3D camera

  • Supports the following eye/hand configurations: Eye-to-Hand and Eye-in-Hand


For Eye-to-Hand For Eye-in-Hand
L: 95mm L: 118.5mm
W: 86.5mm W: 86.5mm
H: 69mm (120.5mm including cable-fix) H: 69mm (120.5mm including cable-fix)


  • Bracket Base EIH x1
  • Bracket Base ETH x1
  • Bracket Main x1
  • Bracket Cap x1
  • Metal Spring Bracket x1
  • Cable Biding Bracket x2
  • Screw M2L4 x4
  • Screw M4L6 x4
  • Screw M6L8 x4
  • Screw M5L14 x4
  • Screw M3L4 x5
Compatible Cameras
  • 2D Basler ace GigE
  • 2D Basler ace 2 GigE
  • 2D FLIR Blackfly GigE BFLY-PGE-50A2C-CS (Color)
  • 2D FLIR Blackfly GigE BFLY-PGE-50A2M-CS (Gray)
  • 3D BENANO C2100